Monday, 6 November 2017

1985: Under an Iron Sky - "Forward, Comrades!" Campaign Playtest (T3)

Another quick update on the playtest of "Forward, Comrades!" campaign game.
The combat rules are doing a very good job at simulating the Soviet attack doctrine, with powerful armored columns attacking NATO weak points and penetrating the main defense line. 

Warsaw Pact main thrust is against NORTHAG, with a Front composed by 2nd Guards Tank Army, 3rd Shock Army, 11th Guards Army and East Germany V Military District.

Denmark surrendered after a combined landing by Soviet Paratroops and Polish Marines near Copenhagen, greatly facilitating WP advance North of Hamburg.

20th Guards Army has liberated (ahem) West Berlin and will soon move toward Hamburg to dispatch 3 West German Brigades now fortifying in the city center.

NORTHAG Situation, D+3 (Turn 3)
In the Central Front, 8th Guards Army and a stripped 1st Guards Tank Army have the task to keep US V Corps and WG III Corps busy. The plan has not been particularly successful, giving US V Corps the possibility to constitute a powerful reserve that could be used in near future for a counterattack, supported by French I and II Corps now assembling behind US VII Corps.

In the South Front, Central and South Group of Forces are pressing toward Munich, helped by Czech 1st Army and the just arrived Hungarian Army. West German II Corps is trying to districate itself from encirclement, a problem caused mainly by the "Forward Defense" policy imposed by the political leadership.

South Front Situation, D+3 (Turn 3)

Warsaw Pact losses are quite high, particularly in Mi-24 attack helicopters and Sukhoi bombers. With this attrition rate, the current level of advance may continue for 6 more days (3 Turns), before running out of gas. Therefore, a strategic breakthrough must be achieved quickly.

NATO is executing Tornado and F-111 deep strike missions against  WP airfields, rail bridges and SAM sites, with good results. Air losses seem sustainable until now, as Warsaw Pact amassed most of its air defenses on the front line to protect the advancing divisions from NATO attack helicopters. The imminent arrival of 10+ US air squadrons from CONUS should allow NATO to raise the air war stake even more during the next days.

An overview of the battlefield at D+3


  1. Hey Fabrizio!

    Just discovered your blog. Is 1985 Under An Iron Sky a replacement of or a supplement to "The Next War"?

    What you've done so far looks VERY interesting.


    Mark Sockwell
    Joplin, Missouri

    1. Thanks Mark!
      It's a completely new game taking its roots from the beloved "The Next War".
      You may find a more detailed description on boardgamegeek or here at the following link:

    2. Fabrizio:

      I've read through everything on the blog. I'm in. Don't know how I'll get it on a gaming table, or when (hard to find time for things now), but it looks awesome!

      Let me know if you need any help with final proofing, etc. Currently proof for the ASL guys at MMP. It's actually something I enjoy doing.



    3. Mark, I surely need an English mother tongue for the final proofing of rules. Please send me an email at

  2. Commie,

    Since you have launched a new war of Commie aggression, we shall have no choice but to hang you as a war criminal when the inevitable defeat occurs and the oppressed masses rise in revolt against you and your fellow Commies. I, for one, shall be sad to see you hang even as I tighten the noose around your neck. For a Commie war criminal, you are a good guy. But, duty must be done above all.

    Perhaps I shall be able to get your sentenced commuted to death by firing squad. At least it will be quick

    1. I'll gladly give my life for the Party!
      Speaking of which, I think the plan for liberating Europe is not going particularly well, so maybe you could....ahem..perorate my cause with some congress member when the time comes. I have a briefcase with documents certainly of interest for a, ahem, expert.

  3. Give us all the stuff, all your ill-gotten gain, swear allegiance to US, acknowledge the bankruptcy of your ideology, AND send me a free copy of your finished product, and we will spare you.

  4. I've just stumbled upon Under and Iron Sky and this is right up my alley. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this one! great blog!

  5. Thank you Shawn!
    Playtest is almost finished and I'm writing the Designer's notes right now, so you should be able to see it soon. Btw,I 'll probably publish the designer's notes here, splitted in two parts.

    1. Sounds great Fabrizio! Will this be released before christmas? I'm in the US and was wondering, shipping wise, if it would make it over the pond by the time to get it under the tree.

    2. I'm still trying to have everything set before christmas, but honestly I think we'll not be ready before end of January. BTW, we're finalizing contract with DHL and shipping to US should be around 25$, delivery in 2-3 days.

    3. Sounds great thanks again for being so forth coming!


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